From innovation
to world-leading position

Continuous Development. Decade after Decade. On Many Fronts. This is the core of our long and successful history. It also points to our future. Here you can see the most important steps in the development - starting with the idea of our company founder Karl-Ragnar Åström of constructing his own front end loader – to the world-wide and world-leading position we have today.

In the mid-1940s, Karl-Ragnar Åström takes over the family farm in Brännland, just outside Umeå in Sweden. At this time all loading and unloading is done manually.

In 1947, he designs the first Swedish front loader for his own use.

In 1949, small-scale production starts and a year later, the company is registered under the name Ålö-Maskiner.

In 1958, Quicke is introduced as the world's first quick-coupling front loader. Exports start a year later.

In 1967, Ålö invests heavily in exports, with the aim of achieving a dominating position in the European market. Exports now exceed domestic sales, calculated in number of loaders.

In 1993, the Balticgruppen becomes the new owner. A process of increased control and more efficient use of market resources and processing stages is now initiated through efficiency measures in production.

Between the years 1993 - 1998, the production of loaders is trebled, from 5,000 to 14,000, through more effective use of existing premises and production resources especially.

In 2000, Ålö acquires its former rival Trima.

In 2002, the parent company AB Ålö-Maskiner changes its name to Ålö AB.

In 2003, a brand new production strategy is drawn up, followed by an extensive investment program and other initiatives.

In 2004, Ålö presents the new loader generations Quicke Dimension and Trima Plus. Quicke's new loader range and the loader lock Lock & Go wins a number of awards. Work on a new factory starts in Brännland, Umeå. A new paint shop and welding line is opened in Brännland. New markets are established in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and South Africa. Sales and production reach an all-time high.

In 2005, Ålö launches a new product range with the loader generations Quicke Dimension and Trima Plus. Both new products are given a huge response by the market. A new production plant is opened in Brännland and a new paint shop in Matha. A new production system is introduced at the same time.

In 2008, Ålö enjoys its best year ever with a record number of orders, approx. 37,000 loaders. Another milestone is passed in November that year when the 100,000th loader from the new loader generations leaves the factory.

In 2009, Ålö celebrates 60 year as a company and the same year Ålö is established in the USA in connection with the takeover of the Bush Hog factory in Telford, Tennessee. On the product side, a new range of utility loaders is introduced, along with the pioneering LCS valve program.

In 2010, Ålö forms a sales company in China, Alo Ningbo.

In 2011, Altor becomes the  new main owner of Ålö.

In 2013, Our implements starts to be sold under the name Original Implements.

In 2014, Versa-X loaders are being launched into the market.

Today, Ålö is the market leader in 15 countries and, with a production of approx. 35,000 loaders and 42,000 implements a year, the world leader in front loaders with associated implements.



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