We promise you maximum benefit

If you want to save time and money. If you want to make things simpler and better. If you want the most experienced and proactive collaborating partner. Then you should choose Ålö as your supplier of front loaders.

Ålö's mission statement is to be the best and quickest at developing, producing and globally marketing front loaders with associated implements in order to maximize the farming tractor's utility value.

Our objective is to be a leader in all markets in which we have chosen to operate. We are currently represented in more than 40 markets. Our customer promise is that you should always receive maximum benefit - measured in time, money or other advantages important to you - by choosing us as your supplier.



We want to be the best, for your sake.

Our strategy is to:

  • Focus all resources on the front loader with associated implements product segment.
  • To be the quickest to provide solutions for new criteria and needs in the market.
  • To own and/or optimize all strategically important parts of the processing and distribution chain.
  • To build up and own the brands which are the customer's first choice in the relevant market.
  • To increase sales volumes constantly through organic growth and acquisition of market share.

Alo Group’s Business Concept

With a strong market presence and  close proximity to our customers, Alo Group is the best and fastest at developing, producing and globally marketing front loaders and associated implements to maximize the utility of the agricultural tractor.

Alo Group’s Vision

The Customer’s First Choice!

Alo Group’s Values

Our values are built upon a puzzle of three words; Cooperation, Participation and Responsibility.Värdeord

Cooperation - Alone we are strong, together we are stronger! At Alo we take pride in having a good working relationship with each other, our customers and our suppliers.

Participation - We all feel involved in the work to reach our targets. Therefore it is vital that we  communicate and recognize each other’s efforts.

Responsibility - We can, we want and we take responsibility for each other, our work, our customers and the community in which we operate. 


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